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The Group Coaching Call

Have you ever attended a conference or workshop that totally inspired you? You left the event with a TON of great ideas that you wanted to get started on STRAIGHT AWAY? happened. You looked back and thought, "well, that was nice" and went on with life as usual?

We have too, so we have The ADVANCE Group Coaching Call!

Every 2 weeks (every other Tuesday at 5 pm Eastern), join the community of women who have committed to ADVANCE their careers and lives! In this one-hour group coaching call, we discuss wins, share challenges, and learn how to use the tools you heard about at a previous event or call. We take a “deep dive” into different areas of life and offer a skill-building assignment for you to apply in your life right away.

How it works:

  • Every 2 weeks, you'll get an email and text reminder that your group coaching call is coming up.
  • 26 Sessions per year keep you focused and in-action on your targets and goals.
  • Calls are every-other -Tuesday at 5 PM Eastern Time and last 1 hour
  • The Group Coaching Call is on Zoom - participate from wherever you are
  • You'll meet with your peers and guest speakers while reviewing or learning something new that will ADVANCE your life.
  • Keep Your Goals & Targets on Track
  • Get Started on Changes You Want to Make
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