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The ADVANCE Action Program for Women

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About The Program

Women have been playing too small for too long. Rather than blame history, society, and tradition for this, it’s simply time to put ourselves first, invest in ourselves, and realize our true potential as powerful human beings.

Are you tired? Do you feel like you’ve put everyone else in your life ahead of your own happiness? Do you see the dreams you had as a little girl as faded, unfulfilled memories? Or are you ready to step into your greatness? To lead yourself to the next level? To rock this life of yours the way you always dreamed you could…But you’re not sure where to start?

The ADVANCE Action Program for Women is for anyone interested to improve any area of your life: career, relationships, financial status, health and wellness, community, friends, etc. We have developed a suite of products, events, and programs specifically designed to help you ADVANCE! Wish you had more income? A better title? More supportive friends? A stronger relationship with your significant other? Better balance in your life? Wherever you are in life, if you are eager to grow to the next level, we are here to help you! Join us on your journey to ADVANCE your career and your life!

The Power Conference to Advance Women


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