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Ashley Baptiste

Ashley Baptiste is a connector – she wants you to connect with the people, ideas, and experiences you need to grow your career, your confidence, and your relationships. She uses her experiences in developing virtual and in-person meetings to ensure you have access to what you need to solve a problem, start a solution, and advance yourself, your team, and your organization faster than if you were to go it alone. It’s the basis of “2YearsIn2Days,” and she takes that to heart in every event.

Gus Calabrese

Gus Calabrese is a rock star connector and process expert. He jokes that his schooling as a petroleum engineer prepared him to host big events, though his eye for detail as well as the big picture is what makes him a master at his craft. Gus previously created and managed large events (think: beer festivals, wine tastings, ski trips) and uses his skills to ensure you have a flawless program experience (so you can focus on learning and connecting).

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